General Terms and Agreements


Product Listing Policy

Instead of writing down what you cannot list, we decided to make it easier and type what you can list. You can list: Design Products, Art Works and Craft Items that are your own production, branded with your name or logo, Authorized / Licensed Replicas of Design Products only if indicated as a replica, Products of Luxury Brands are allowed to listings only if a certificate of authorization has been issued by the luxury brand owner, Design Products Produced by Lesser Brands and Non-Luxury Companies but not in bulk quantities, you cannot replace an authorized dealer. Design Services provided and supplied by your company only. Design Concepts that are only your or your company’s own creation. Design Tools such as machinery, software, and other tools, only if they are your own products or if you are an authorized seller through internet. In summary, you can mostly sell your own items, and some other items that you are an authorized dealer of.  Plus you can sell Design Related Products and Services in the other section, given that it is legal in your country to sell it, and it is legal for the country where the client is buying from to buy it. It is also required to indicate in the product title or description if the good is used, or if it is second hand etc, with any defects or tear and wear. You cannot, in any case sell any illegal goods or any type of designs that are outside the scope of this listing policy. If you are not sure whether you could list your product or not, write an email to us. We can suspend your membership if you list items that are outside the scope of the Design Mega Store.