Design Mega Store



A super-market, a megastore for design, more like an outlet; designers and design studios can sell their products and services online. No middleman involved. Designers and design studios can sell products directly from their own websites using their own payment platform.


Approved users only. Not a flea-market, more like a trade-fair of checked, controlled and approved design companies, studios and designers. Sellers are checked for: design quality, trust and reliability. No anonymous sellers.

How to Buy

Simply click on the categories to browse or use the search function. Click buy / purchase or enquiry buttons and follow the instructions from the supplier’s website. Registration to Design Mega Store is not required for buyers and each product is sold through the suppliers checkout system.

How to Sell

Apply to sell through Design Mega Store. Get more clients and customers from all over the world. Sell designs, design products and design services. Learn more about storefront and verification.